Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Breakfast Club expands

Ever since my first outing to their Islington/Angel branch I have been a big fan of 'The Breakfast Club'. 

Smeg fridges, American brunch menues, friendly fun staff and quirky interiors. 
Oh, and back when I could still munch dairy, epic pancakes. 

Not to mention that when we found ourselves visiting the Mayor at the Brick Lane locale we devoured some of the most memorable chicken wings to date. And we all know how important chicken wing quality is to moi. ;)

Naturally I was beyond excited to realise they had expanded and opened up shop on Battersea Rise, only a jog away from the house. The obvious reaction? Mentioned brunch to Victoria and have ourselves a little trial.

It's a very cute interior, and positively huge in comparison to most of their other branches. 

The menu also hints to another secret. Much like the Mayor, I hear the King also offers cocktails in the eve ;). 

As miss Victoria was stuck on a bus that decided to re-route mid trip (not okay) I decided to start with the basic obligatory morning soy latte.

//H&M Bangles // 

The drinks menu features these super-smoothies. Blueberries, Raspberries, super vitamins 

Apparently I'm no longer the man in this relationship...

We decided to go for the breakfast burrito and the French bacon and banana toast. Deliciousness ensued!

All in all it was a lovely Brunch and the location is great for us south of the river folks. However, while the waiting staff started out absolutely lovely and charming there was a sense of over-attentiveness (we don't need more napkins... or spoons...). Although I suppose in the end I would rather deal with that then no service.

The eve ended with a lovely cup of Söder Te curtsey of miss Victoria. Time to unwind on the sofa!



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