Monday, 17 June 2013

The Oblix - Dinner in the Shard

Finally, after repeated re-scheduling, we made it up the Shard for some food-porn and London views. 

The Shard is London's latest addition to its' skyline, standing 310m tall with 72 floors available to the public. It includes a viewing platform (floors 68, 69 and 72), a swanky hotel (the Shangri La) and the Oblix restaurant on level 32. 

The Oblix has its own entrance and elevator allowing access to the restaurant only. If you want to get to the viewing platform this involves getting back outside and walking around to a separate entrance. You also have to book these tickets separately (all in all a bit of a pain but the views are sure to be worth it). 

We started the evening in the Cocktail Lounge

I went for a funky sounding honey sugared cocktail while the man stuck to a classic Earl Gray cocktail. Mine even came with a little teapot!! 

Within a few sips though I had convinced him to swap with me. Cute as it was there was nothing sweet about that, a man's drink hidden in a cosmo glass!  

We then moved into the restaurant, guided through lovely interiors through an open aired kitchen and views facing central London. 

I started with the Lobster Scallops Ceviche... A lovely fresh light mix of flavours. 

The man went for the Salmon which arrived on what can only be described as a pizza! Very yummy though. 

For the main course he went for the rib-eye 300g with all the sauces available (there is a 800 g challenge too, not recommended after the Salmon Pizza but sure to be yummy). I went for the grilled dover sole. Mixed up with mac'n'cheese, Broccoli and and super-salty frenchies. 

The food was yummy, and claims are the rib-eye was perfection. I will admit I wasn't blown away myself by any of it, but the views and the lovely staff made it a lovely dining experience nonetheless.




All in all a great date-night, the staff were great and the atmosphere quite relaxed. My food selection may not have been as epic as expected but again, I hear the rib-eye was quite exceptional.  



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