Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Southbank fun time

Last week my lady Marshall popped up for some London fun-time, and as usual shenanigans ensued! 

To unwind from our days and as a start of the catchupping we spotted a Mojito deal next to St. James and sipped the goodness. Turns out the Buckingham Palace Garden party was on at the same time so we got to look at ladies in fancy hats stroll by outside. 

Obviously hunger kicked in next so we strolled down to South Bank and Ned's Noodles!

Yum! They even come in the classic take-out boxes NY style!

As usual with the Southbank, if you take the time to stroll and keep your eyes peeled there always seems to be something going on. We came across the Neighborhood Festival in this multi-storey bar, complete with everything from flower pots, temporary garden stalls and veggie patches! 

We eventually figured out why one stall sold beach buckets! Sand castle extravaganza!

As we already filled our tummys with Ned's, try as we might we couldn't add much from Wahaca's street kitchen set up. Next time though it's all about the Mexican!



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