Monday, 13 May 2013

Season 2012/13, Best of

It was always going to be a special season, 2012/13, as Victoria and I geared up to hit the road most round-weekends for more productions, madness, Starbucks and train mileage.

We were excited (after the holiday that made us forget what weekend-work entails since last season) and determined to make sure we kicked some ass and produced something special. So off we went, and it ended up being a great mix of fun, broken cables, fixed cables, floating microphones, and a sprinkle of last minute magic.

Apparently I also had a theme of finding some rather odd nap options, all caught by the paparazzi on hand, miss Victoria. 

Back to the football though!

(Playing with the camera man's toys)

And last but hardly least, the Champions lifting the trophy and Sir Alex doing the honours one last time at Old Trafford last night. 

Boom! #2012/13


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