Monday, 13 May 2013

Race For Life - Cancer Research UK

On the 14th July Victoria and I will complete a '10km in under 1 hr dressed in pink' challenge while attempting to raise money for the great cause of Cancer Research! 

The Race For Life is a ladies-only event, but the fundraising goes to research targeting over 200+ cancers. Over the past 40 years the rates of survival have almost doubled, and the break-throughs keep on coming.  

To keep this good work moving forward, however, Cancer Research UK needs continuous funding to be Kicking Cancers Ass! So out of every £1 donated to the charity via Just Giving/Race for Life, 80 pence goes to research. 

Before setting off on this journey we had always said if we were ever going to ask for money it would have to be supporting a cause close to our heart where we truly felt your and our contribution could make a real difference. Cancer may at some point affect all of us, whether directly or through family, friends, colleagues, but research and science is giving us the understanding, tools and hope to fight back. So help them keep going until we have a Cure with the big C for every single type there is. 

Let's kick some ass together! Thank you and much love in advance. 



As a small addition, a very insightful and brave column was published in the NY Times today by Angelina Jolie, where she discusses her preventative double-masectomy and encourages women around the world to find out as much as they can about their genes and bodies in order to take any measures they feel necessary. Well worth a read, truly inspiring. 
'My Medical Choice' by Angelina Jolie

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