Saturday, 11 May 2013

Borough Market

Anyone who has seen my Instagram knows I love me some foodporn. From Farmers Markets to buzzing Cheese Fests, anywhere that serves up mixes of edible and drinkable goodness is a welcome weekend adventure! 

In London I adore my local Saturday Clapham stands,with everything from delicious (and dairy free) cupcakes and fresh bread, to the most tempting cheeses, pulled pork sandwiches and chicken wraps and fresh veggies in between... But more on that later. 

In terms of classics, the choice has to be Borough market. 

From Monmouth coffee cues around the block to lovely sceneries, and now with the Shard hoovering nearby, it's a great way to experience food London on a Saturday morning. 

A few blocks away, by the 'arches' you'll find Tanner Str Market. A new little gem where you'll find one buzzing side street offering lunch, dessert and entertainment while you take a break from grazing the Borough stalls for your evening cheese board. 

After that it's back to Borough though, and some shopping!

It's a lovely mix of everything you could want, always crowded but not in that Covent Garden-overrun-by-tourists kind of way. You can move through the stalls at your own pace, chat and taste until you're ready to walk or purchase, and you don't get as many pushy-sellers. And speaking of cheese, well...

Not to worry though, the list goes far beyond the dairy section... 

We came home with bags of yummyness and took a seat in the garden for our very own little cheese party. Bliss!

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