Friday, 10 May 2013

Biffy Clyro

A few summers ago Marshall and I managed to score some spots watching Biffy and the Foo Fighters create absolute epicness at the Bowl in Milton Keynes... At the time we also managed to run into a man claiming to be Jesus who tried to prove this by standing on his head without spilling his drinks, but that's a different story altogether. 

Since then I've been wanting to repeat the moment, and for my birthday last year my lovely munchkins got me tickets to see them again at the O2 in London (cue excitement and a 5.5 month wait)! 

When it finally came round the man and me made our way down, had beer in plastic cups and (shock horror) stood in the seated area singing (me) and actually seeing what the stage show was all about :). 

All in all a lovely night of music and bubbles :). 


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