Sunday, 23 November 2014

Duck, Waffle and Morning Cocktails

So, after about two years of planning, we finally made it to Duck & Waffle. Towering forty floors above the hustle and bustle that is central London, this little 24/7 gem offers everything from classic brunch to midnight oysters and mini-burgers. What's not to love! 

The decor is just the right mix of quirky, fancy and welcoming. 

We turned up mid-morning, and kicked off with a cocktail each. I went for the classic Mimosa, but Miss S was feeling a bit more daring and tried her luck with the Marmite special. (For the record, they also feature a Bacon and Caramel Manhattan and Chocolate and Blue Cheese Martini...
But that'll be a story for time!)

We got a table with a view near the kitchens (temptation galore), and kicked the feast off with a basket of fresh pastries, miniature jams and nutella sides. 

Now, after some dodgy experiences with the quality of their soya-lattes I've started judging brunch spots heavily on their coffee and am pleased to report it did not disappoint! Top marks all around.

The obvious options is of course the 'Duck & Waffle', which Miss S took a gamble on... It was positively scrumptious and the rest of us were instantly jealous. 

 Saying that, the full English wasn't too shabby either! 

It's definitely made the top ten list of London brunch spots, even though I must admit the experience is somewhat over priced in comparison with the competition. As a treat every now and then though, or a naughty 4 am mini-burger/early breakfast, it's perfect and definitely a must try. 


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