Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cookies & Milk

I'm a big brunch-fan. Like, really big. If faced with the choice of most costly weekday activities vs a decent weekend brunch the latter will usually win hands down. There's just something so relaxing and lovely about enjoying a couple of hours of eating, drinking coffee and catching up with friends... So in the honour of such food-adventures a few Saturday's ago I threw on the most 'heatwave in October' appropriate attire available and headed off to meet the girls at Gail's Kitchen.

None of us had been there before, and were all pleasantly surprised. There are three entrances to Gail's, as the brand hosts a cafe, restaurant and hotel. 

The menu defines temptation, and there was a brief battle between the choice of eggs and feta baked in tomato and pepper sauce vs pancakes, streaky bacon and maple syrup (the pancakes won this time)... But it was the dessert options that had really caught my attention when googling up the meeting point... Cookies and Milk! Straight out of the oven!! 

Now, while the Milk was left to be enjoyed by Miss K whilst the rest of us watched in mild jealousy (one of those more painful lactose moments), the cookies were deliciously gooey and went down a treat!

All in all a highly successful Saturday morning!


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