Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Mac'N'Cheese Londoner Style

Obviously, as anyone who's ever glanced at my Instagram can tell, I'm a big foodporn supporter. And if you're ever stuck for inspiration for a (often naughty, but ever so yummy) new recipe adventure, 'The Londoner' is where it's at. 

So on Sunday, when the man suggested we explore some new Mac'n'Cheese options, I of course had to try my hand at Rosie's recent One Pan Fondu M'n'C. 

Granted, the idea (as I repeatedly pointed out) is to minimise the washing up and general messyness, but as we're a house hold of one avid cheese eater and one lactose intolerant lady (sorry) we ended up doing doubles with pans galore. 

The original recipe can be found here, and to sum it up basically involves: 

Dry Pasta of your choice (400g feeds 4 people)
1x fist full of Cheddar
1x fist full of Gruyere Cheese
1x chunk of Parmesan (1/3 size of the others)
Bacon (and Chicken if you fancy it)
Two cloves of thinly sliced garlic
Two mugs of hot vegetable stock
One mug of milk

(For my lactose free variant I swapped the Cheddar and Gruyere to Two fists of Arla's Lactofree goodness - As parmesan is aged you can go right ahead without too much tummy trouble as any cheese going on 12 mnths/hard will have rid itself of most of the lactose)

We also added chicken with the bacon (fry up with the garlic while your pasta boils up). 

Boil up your pasta with the stock and milk (10-12 mins). 

We didn't quite feel it was thick enough so sprinkled in some flour as well. 

Add in your cheese and mix it up baby!

Add the bacon (and chicken) and your pasta. 


At this point you can go ahead and serve it up, but we popped it in a big tub, sprinkled some breadcrumbs on top and let it crust in the oven for an extra couple of minutes.