Monday, 15 July 2013

Travel Adventures - Switzerland, Zurich

It's the off-season, or in other words the time for travelling and sunshine.

This year I decided to pull a little Julia Roberts and go off on my own to discover some new places and re-visit old favourites. 

First on the list, Zurich. Having never set foot in Switzerland I decided it was about time to see what all that fuss was about!

Found a little bit of Finland in the middle of Zurich too.

And a bit of England too... Hello Queenie!

The Opera house gave me Paris flashbacks, absolutely stunning (despite the construction work going on everywhere around the site). 

Crystal clear water running through the middle of the city, and rows of Swans paddling along up and down the river. 

Tea break time.

Selfie time... 

Absolutely fell in love with the beautiful buildings and the bustling city mixing modern, old-school, culture and variation all in one. Even though a latte was 7 Francs!


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