Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Svensk Midsommar i London


I've spent the past five midsummers abroad, but it's one of those ocassions Swedes still take quite seriously and the home-sickness really kicks in. So I decided to get a little gang of Londoners together, whip up a truly Swedish feast, and enjoy the eve with flowers in our hairs while playing cheesy tunes on Spotify. 

(Even Stylist was getting in the mood!)

Traditions vary as with everything, but for me a Midsommar feast requires at least a few key bits of food porn

Sill (pickled and often multi-flavoured Herring)
Rödbetssallad (Beetroot sallad mush)
Skagenröra (google this one)
Gräddfilsdipp med gräslök (or try creme fraiche with chives)
Something BBQd (in this case hot dogs and various forms of marinated chicken)

ScandiKitchen is the holiday saviour with their fresh imports of Swedish groceries, so after a trip there to stock up the fridge the above concoction had a slightly more authentic feel to it. 

Obviously for me dessert is key at any decent dinner party or holiday and this was no different. 

Traditionally home made kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) are standard but as my time was limited I went for gifflar from ScandiKitchen instead. 

Of course this left time to put together the true classic, the strawberry cake. 

YUM! And completely Lactose free so my tummy was doing the happy dance. 
It's a truly delicious bake and a piece of cake (see what I did there :) to whisk up!

You'll need

4 Eggs (Medium)
5dl Sugar
6 dl Flour
2 tea spoons baking powder
2 dl water

6 dl whip cream (I used Arla's Lactose free variant and 1 1/2 proved more than enough)

Whip up the egg + sugar first. Then start adding the flour and baking powder, and start slowly adding the water. It'll feel quite soggy and light at the end. 

Pour it all into an oven-safe baking tray and shove it into the middle of the oven at 175C for about 1 hour (or until browned and you can pull out a knife with no residue of cake). Then go lick the spoons as you wait. 

Voila! Leave to cool for a while (or go enjoy the dinner). When you're ready, cut the cake into two levels. 

Add half a cup of mushed up strawberries evenly over the first layer. You can even pour a little extra fruit juice in so it soaks up the flavour and adds some moisture. Then pop the lid/second floor on and cover in whip cream and strawberries. 

 Final result should look something like this!

Then go be merry!!



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