Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Brunch at the Bistro

The Bistro Union (Abbeville - Clapham)

There is nothing better than a great weekend brunch complete with lovely company and sunshine. While London offers a seemingly unlimited supply of options, I tend to find my favourites close to home. 
Hidden a ten minute walk away from the hustle and bustle of Clapham's high street, Abbeville Road is very much a local treasure. While chains are springing up, there is still very much a community feel to it, and boy can you find some great food-porn here!
Bistro Union, the sister restaurant of Trinity in Clapham Old Town, features your classic fry-up (sans the hash browns, a slight disappointment but the rest is just scrumptious enough to make up for it) and toast with chocolate dip (oh yes, it's a thing), as well as the usual poached eggs and bacon butties. The coffee is delicious, and you can add some sparkling pink lemonade as well for the fancy factor. 
If you fancy a classic option at a local with personality it's well worth a visit, and rumour has it they offer some mean Sunday lunch options as well. 

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