Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wish List - Dior girl & Valentine's pampering

It was a special moment at a Barcelona airport when, while waiting for a delayed flight, I first tried on the Miss Dior Cherie scent. I've been a bit of a Dior girl ever since. But, let's be honest, spending that much on any product you want to know it's worth the price-tag and suits your personality. 

Aside from the perfume I have discovered the Miss Dior Body Milk; a heavenly little moisturising treat well worth the money. 

It is the perfect way to add a little bit of luxury to your day, it melts into the skin leaving a velvety smooth feel while the soft scent stays with you the whole day. For every-day use I'm still sticking to the cocoa-butter classic but for those special days (say a Valentine's pamper session?) or when you just need a little special morning treat this is an easy favourite. 

Another Dior product receiving a lot of buzz at the moment, which I have not yet had the pleasure of sampling myself, is the Dior Creme De Rose lightly tinted lip balm. 

At £20 from boots it's definitely a bit of an investment, but rumour has it this little gem lasts for hours at end with minimal use. Definitely going on the wish list!


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