Thursday, 30 January 2014

Foodporn - Fish'n'chips at The Boathouse

As January tends to be a fairly quiet month, post the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we got in the car and traded city-life for a week on the channel island of Guernsey. 

Not only is it a beautiful place, with stunning coast lines and actual fresh-air (says the Londoner excitedly), but there are also some great options for getting your food-porn on and I may have just found what could be the best fish'n'chips around. 

The setting was The Boathouse, a charming restaurant by the harbour with a yummy brunch menu, creative seaside decor and a view of the docks. 

The plate was beautifully presented. Being lactose-intolerant I tend to be the one scraping batter and trying to get my hands on what little fish is left, but this one was a thick chunk of real and tasty fish with a thin layer of crusty batter. Absolutely scrumptious!

The boy had a heavenly looking fish pie with a slightly crust top. Yum!


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