Thursday, 12 December 2013

Wandsworth Common & 90s Lookbooks

As you learn very quickly upon re-locating here, just because you live in London doesn't mean it's always a breeze to find a local to meet up in for a natter. 

So since A moved up we have been exploring our in-between options, sampling cafes at a variety of half-way meeting points between my house and hers'. This time, I decided it was time to show her around Wandsworth. 

 We sipped our tea and coffee and enjoyed a light late lunch at Prestige, off the high street. A little local spot, nothing mind-blowing but nonetheless cosy and non-chainy!

After stuffing our faces we enjoyed a stroll around Wandsworth Common. 

Finding yourself surrounded by greenery in the middle of a bustling city like London is far too uncommon an experience, but walking around the park while name dropping birds is a great way to take a break from the fast pace and bustle.

Miss A had found herself some amazingly comfy looking 90s style high waist jeans of which I was immediately jealous. 


Jacket from Oasis// High waist jeans Topshop