Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Kitchen Inspiration

The kitchen represents so many things. Warmth, heart, scents, food porn, togetherness, burns. The centre of a home in many ways, along with the lounge this is where we relax, come together, entertain... 

Just as our wardrobe should reflect our personalities, so can our homes. Different life stages usually also means different styles and tastes, growing and changing as we do. While key elements have always remained, my style has certainly changed dramatically over the years. 

One of my long lasting love affairs have been mixing wood with light creamy colours... White, light greys, cream, beige, soft peachy hues. I love an open space where you can get messy with your cooking and where you can have breakfast together, sit down and relax, natter over a cup of tea. 

Anyhow, as I was feeling a bit dreamy, here's some of my favourite inspiration... (thanks Pinterest!)

Take a seat at the table!

Kitchen islands, Diner style booths and kitchens that fit a proper dinner table are big on my wish list for the future. 


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