Monday, 29 July 2013

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the city that mixes gothic, haunted, classic with modernism, clean, organised and of course funky, chic, inspiring and always (!) bustling.

Two years ago I came here for the first time, on another one of these occasional solo-trips, and fell in love with the city. Couldn't place a finger on any one specific thing, more of a perfect mix. 

Like last time I stayed at the Saint Jordi Sagrada Familia, a (skater) hostel about a 5-10 min walk from the Sagrada Familia church and next door to the Estrella beer brewery (free samples Wednesday nights ;). 

This time I opted to try a single room and they put me in an 'apartment'. Sharing our own living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and a lovely little balcony but with my own little private room it was just what I needed for the last leg of my me-time. :)

My preferred way of discovering new cities is a quick glance at the map, picking a general direction, and walking until I get lost and wrapped up in my surroundings. This was no different. 

Day one involved a lot of walking that led me downtown (past another shopping treat) and through both La Rambla, the Gotic quarters, and past too many striking facades to count. And a rather dodgy pedicure (go by recommendation only, anything else is probably not a good idea. Period!). 

Last time I never got a chance to see the inside of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, and admittedly figured I wasn't missing much (after staring at the striking outside how much more could he really have had in store?). How wrong I was. Worth a visit as no words or pictures can fully describe what you experience and see standing inside there. 

Hat's off to a master of creativity and art.  (PS pre-book your ticket online to avoid 2+hour cues in the sunshine).

After all that walking around it was time for some relaxation, so  us temporary flat mates headed to the beach for a BBQ, chilled drinks and funtimes. 

4th of July happened to be in full swing, and the US camp had put their flag down to make sure everyone could find the party. 

xo xo 


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