Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Home-made Chicken Wing Challenge

Anyone who knows me is well aware of two things. I have a Zara addiction, and I have a frequent chicken wing craving... So after spending the fall finding the best chicken wings available out there in London, my lovely man and I decided to take matters into our own hand. 

It was time for the ultimate home-made Chicken Wing Challenge. 

First off, the flavour contenders...

We went with Sticky BBQ, Spicy Cajun, and Nandos' peri peri Marinade.

For the dip we chose a roquefort cheese based option (mixed with primarily Lactofree products).

You'll need

1 pack Roquefort Blue Cheese
1 (lactofree) creme cheese
1/2 cup Mayonaise 
1/2 cup sour creme
1 Tblsp White Wine Vinegar
1 Tblsp Lemon Juice

For the wings, spread them out in oven dishes (you can butter up the dishes if you want) and massage them up with your chosen marinade (this can be any flavouring really depending on your preference).

Shove these into the oven for about 45-55 minutes (turning them after ca 30 min).

For the dip, start by crushing up your roquefort.

Add the creme cheese and mix thoroughly until smooth.

Add all other ingredients and mix up in your bowl until it's a yummy smooth texture.

For those of you like me suffering from lactose intolerance do not fret, there are options. I used Arla's lactofree products and a swedish imported sour creme where possible. Safer then just popping a lactopill before the meal. Your tummy should enjoy it, not be in pain after something this good!

Shove the dip into the fridge for as long as possible. 2 hours is preferred but I just kept it in until the chicken was done. Makes the texture a bit harder and adds that cool feel that goes so well in contrast to the burning wings.

Ta-da! All done, now serve up!

If you want extra crispy wings there is also the option of frying them instead and then shoving them into a bowl of already heated marinade. Haven't tried it myself but it comes well recommended.

Enjoy your wings ladies and gents, we definitely did! Add a movie into the telly and revel in the fact that ones your done you can just fall back into the sofa and relax your belly.

For the top chicken wings in London? My personal preferences are

Mayor of Scaredycat town
Bodeans (hot)

Honorable mention goes to Hache who surprised us with some excellent options!




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