Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Have had the little treat of visiting Sweden twice in the past two weeks! After years of incredibly sporadic stop-overs it was lovely to be back and got some lectures from my lovely girls on sticking to the promise of more frequent holidays there!

I grew up in Stockholm, and while the city is constantly changing and moving cafes and restaurants around like nobody's business it still felt like the easiest thing in the world to stroll around those backstreets and re-visit some favourite spots. 

Bit of a cliche but my absolute top hit at this time of year, when the snow still sparkles and we're sub-zero but the sunshine now lasts most of the day, is to stroll up to Grand Hotel and gaze over at Gamla Stan. The water laps around you, the wind is fresh and crisp, and the architecture is classic and awe-ing. 

There's the obligatory 'fika stund'. Swede's variety of a pint at the Pub after work. Or maybe instead of afternoon tea (we're not quite that posh). Namely coffee and treats, in my case in the form of soya latte and a lactose free cinnamon bun!

Something I adore about being back, you can find the most exquisite Lactose free pastries and desserts in just about every other cafe!

Decided to do a stroll of the usual suspects. MQ surprised me with the most intriguing offers. Like this Stockholm blazer. Yes please. 

Gravadlax is also a must whenever I get over. Fresh, makes you feel happy and healthy, a nice booster to your energy and your skin and all around delicious. What's not to love? This time it was had at Lisa Elmqvist in Saluhallarna. 

Catching up winter time in Stockholm usually means indoor activities in the evening anyway, but after a night out and about watching a somewhat painful 0-0 Sweden v Ireland WC qualifier we decided on a cosy night of pizza making and a mix of board games and Buzz times. Kitty joined in too of course :).

PS on the note of sports... Lookie what I'd found the week before. Front page news in the Sports section, the ladies National footy team's results after testing their form against USA. Something that would barely make the sidelines here in the UK, sadly. 

Now on the first round-trip I had the pleasure of flying deluxe style with a visit to the red carpet, our very own pre boarding lounge (I was spoiled as soon as I'd spotted the Nespresso machine) and a heated car and lovely driver to take us straight to the plane after everyone finished boarding. Eek! 

Sadly it was home time way too soon the second time as well, this time via my normal tourist route. To my surprise I realised the Arlanda make over now included enough London comforts to make me a little uneasy about whether I was actually in the right country. Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, WHSmith! 

Couldn't help myself so I had to bring this little Mr home with me. A Sweden Starbucks mug with a Dalahorse on the cover! How could I resist? Tea time tonight!



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