Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ladies Euros 2013

The Women's European Championship is hosted in Sweden this year, 10-28th July. 

You'll find the schedule and tickets here and here, including seats at the final from as little as £7 (50SEK) and you can order tickets to follow your team (includes all three group stage games) from ca £25 (225 SEK). 

It's well worth a look, and it's a big one this year as BBC will be airing all the England matches, the semis and the final (at long last). Ratings around Europe for the 2011 World Cup broke records all around and the USA v Japan penalty shoot out Final had Twitter in meltdown, so it's very exciting to see what might be happening over the summer's event. 

I know lads all around will be tutting and commenting on the fact that it's women playing, or how boring or inappropriate or irrelevant this might be. Not only do those comments make you sound like you took the wrong time machine from the 19th century, but it's ignorant and frankly please remember England's men in their 2010 WC if you want to complain about entertainment value or quality football. 

Photo from here.

Show some support to these lovely ladies who kick ass on the field. Tune in, watch it with your daughters and your sons, advertise it at the Pubs...  The game has come an incredibly long way it's beautiful to watch football at this level. Full of heart, talent and boat loads of passion. I can't wait to take a seat at the Friends Arena in Stockholm in July and check out the final, hopefully some of you will join too!





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