Friday, 29 March 2013

Brunch at the Botanist

After some delicious cocktails in the heart of Sloane Square a few nights ago we decided to add to the experience and trial The Botanist for one of my fave meals of the day. Brunch time.

The sun was still shining but the grey was slowly taking over, and both myself and Victoria had decided to defy the winter weather with spring time dressing. Bad idea, we both shivered the whole way in.

The coffee was delicious, strong with distinguishable flavours. Always a good start.

After a rather long (20 minutes) wait while we grew more and more impatient while staring at the food around us we finally got to request our orders. Never a great idea as by that point you overdo just about everything.

The pain au chocolate was hot from the oven and went down well, even though I had ordered it for 'dessert' and was a bit confused by this order of service.

I helped myself to some oak smoked salmon with toast, and non-milky scrambled eggs. Am fairly certain there was indeed milk in there, and was underwhelmed with the presentation, but the salmon was yummy as can be.

Victoria went for Eggs Royale and got a muffin the size of a child's fist. Needless to say we both needed more coffee to keep our spirits up.

After a good and positive morning meeting about all the madness and adventures going on right now we ordered another pain au chocolate for the afternoon tea time in the office lounge, and were on our merry way.

All in all, it's somewhere I'll keep returning for cocktails or even coffee, for brain storming sessions and to watch men dressed identically mill around and tell women their salaries (always an amusing pick up line), but I doubt they will see much more of us in the restaurant.

It was a lovely setting, and very inspiring to sit in comfort and drink coffee. The service however was nothing special, and the food a bit too unremarkable for the amazing London scene. I did miss Granger & Co.

All in all a great morning but our tummy's wanted a bit more.




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